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Chisa Mia with Raphy



 Mia (singer) and Raphy (guitarist) started work together few years back as a duo and they have released CD The Creation Demo beginning of 2005 and have been touring in order to support the album.

 Chisa Mia was brought up by art loving parents and has traveled around the world in her youth. While going to elementary school Mia was already taking traditional Japanese dance and tea lessons. As a teenager she was expose to various Japanese bands that was very popular back then, and from there her heart went into singing.

 Entering Musashino University of Music after graduating from high school, Mia started training Classical and Jazz singing at the same time. Classical lessons gave her the foundation and Jazz lessons explored her ability to improvise. Her musical influence includes Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush and other English bands of the same era.

 On the other hand, Raphy was and expose to English Progressive Bands at the early age and stated to take piano lessons first. He showed much interest in keyboards, especially analogue synthesizers. While taking piano lessons he also showed interest in guitars and started to play both. Raphys favorite players back then, was people like Robert Fripp, Steve Howe, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore and Frank Zappa to name a few.

 Mia first met Raphy in a progressive improvise unit named Luminous-Free in 2001, and this unit released its debut album in 2002, which both performs in. After both leaving this unit decided to team together and started to assemble the album The Creation Demo. Mia and Raphys music is very dynamic and emotional. Mias emotion will drive through her voice and sometimes she is evil, and sometimes she is an angel. While Raphys technical guitar performance will support her all the way to the end. At the end of the day, you will recognize the new dimension in progressive music. Enjoy.




November 2005
Tak Yonemochi / Air Pavilion




1st Album "The Creation"

Featuring the following songs:
 1.Lotus Garden Part1
 (Tak Yonemochi / Raphy, Chisa Mia
 2.Red Flower/ White Flower (Tak Yonemochi, Chisa Mia / Raphy)
 3.Lotus Garden Part2
 (Tak Yonemochi / Raphy
 4.Sic Transit Gloria Mundi (The proverb of old Latin / Chisa Mia,Raphy)
 5.Midnight Fantasia (Chisa Mia / Raphy)
 6.The Grey Of The Dawn (Chisa Mia / Raphy,Chisa Mia) Live Recording
 7.Akashic Records (Album version)
 (Chisa Mia / Raphy
 8.Akashic Records (Bonus version) (Chisa Mia / Raphy,Tak Yonemochi

Chisa MiaLead and Background Vocals, Various Voices
All Guitars, Analogue and Digital Synthesizers, Programming ,Voice on Track 7

Tak Yonemochi
Lead Guitar & Voice on Track 8 

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Tak Yonemochi for Air Pavilion Music2006
Recorded at Air Pavilion Music Studio from August 2005 to January 2006
Tak Yonemochi appears courtesy of Atrheia Records Italy & Addiction Records Japan
This is an analogue recording.

Mastered by Sascha Paeth
Mastered at Gate Studio Wolfsburg Germany


1st Album "The Creation" coming soon!

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